Mistakes Club DJs Often Make

Djing has its own unique challenges. When you are Djing at a club, the hurdles you might be needed to overcome are varied as it depends on the crowd you are dealing with at a particular time. There will always be those who will appreciate your selection of music while there are others who will outrightly reject it without mincing words.

However, there are common mistakes club DJs make. In this article, we will list a few and how to avoid them.

Ignoring The Crowd

The main reason why you are a disk jockey is to set the mood and keep your guests entertained. Your main goal is to keep them on their feet. To achieve this, you must carefully select the music to ensure it resonates with each an every guest in the room. Ignoring your crowd is a recipe for disaster. Disc jockeying dates back to the 1940s and one of the first places where this was done was in a club just to ensure the guests had a great time enjoying their Whiskey as they listened to music.

To live up to the crowd’s expectations, a DJ has to know which music to play and when. You might be into the freshly released beats since, but your crowd might not warm up to such music sooner. Stick to the tried and tested bangers and introduce the rest as time goes by.

Failing To Play Enough Classics

You might be excited and all about playing a new number that has just hit the airwaves, but it might not do the job in keeping your guests on the dance floor. The best thing with Djing is that the feedback is instant. You will always know when people aren’t happy with what you are serving them. To be on the safe side, and this is something that has been recommended by other experienced DJs, stick to the recurrent music and make it exciting while at it.

Failing To Familiarize Yourself With Industry’s Standard Gear

This is very common especially when you are starting out as a club DJ. It is always good to know the kind of gear that is commonly used to ensure you meet your club Djing goals. You might be budget constrained, but you wouldn’t want to acquire the wrong tools for the job. Understand what the job calls for and talk to other DJs who got there before you to guide you on such issues.

Allowing Club Owners To Take Advantage Of You

One of the greatest challenges DJs are unable to deal with and especially newbies is being taken advantage of by club owners. Some will ask you to play for free and when they eventually decide to pay, it will always be at a lower rate than that of the market.

Sometimes it is the only option available since you also want to grow and gain experience, but always remember that exposure won’t pay the bills. Ask for what you think you deserve and walk away from any opportunity that won’t add any value to your career.